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Astrology consists of belief systems which hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world. In the West, astrology most often consists of a system of horoscopes that claim to explain aspects of a person's personality and predict future events in their life based on the positions of the sun, moon, and other planetary objects at the time of their birth. Many cultures have attached importance to astronomical events, and the Indians, Chinese, and Mayans developed elaborate systems for predicting terrestrial events from celestial observations. Astrologist's or Psychic Astrologist's can help you with this

An Astrologist is someone who predicts the future by the positions of the planets and sun and Moon. Astrologist's may use charts and or produce charts for you or may just give you a reading based on the astrological processes each individual astrologer uses.

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Among many peoples, astrology has been dated to the third millennium BC, with roots in calendrical systems used to predict seasonal shifts and to interpret celestial cycles as signs of divine communications. Through most of its history, astrology was considered a scholarly tradition. It was accepted in political and academic contexts, and was connected with other studies,  At the end of the 17th century, new scientific concepts in astronomy and physics called astrology into question, and subsequent controlled studies failed to confirm its predictive value.We have found astrological readings to be quite interesting and in some cases very siignificcant

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