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DISCLAIMER - Terms Of Service

We here at do not in any way take responsibility
for any psychic readings, offers, help, advice, predictions, services or otherwise.
Each psychic and psychic service has their own terms and conditions
and other warnings, disclaimers and terms of service and it is your responsibility
to make sure that you read each of these when using their sites or services that we advertise on
our site and that you are transfered to upon your clicking banners, links, or otherwise.
We endeavor to bring to you what we feel in our opinion only are some of the most
reputable services, platforms, psychics, spiritualists and advisor's but we
can not be held responsible for the actions of those individuals or the services
that offer the specials that we promote through their advertisements
 and affiliate programs. We are not a psychic service
we are a promotional and informative site that helps you via
information and suggestions only.
You agree by using this site to hold harmless perfect predictions Inc,
 It's website, owners and all entities as well as any other
 websites owned or operated by by perfect predictions inc from any and all
problems, miscommunication, billing, liability or otherwise
 including but not limited to any and all actions associated with using the services
 that we suggest or advertise on our site. Although we do suggest and take as much care as possible in
 selecting the affiliate programs and advertisers shown on our sites,
in order to make sure that the listings, services and offers are what we feel are
in keeping with community standards and  laws we can not be held responsible
for any actions taken on their behalf. Use any services here at your own risk,
use psychics and the services responsibly, if you find anything that is advertised on our site
that you are having problems with please let us know so we may look into
the matterr in order to make sure that we are providing you with the best quality
recommendations. Recommendations is a term we use to describe
 the advertisers, psychics, affiliate programs that we select to either advertise on
our site or use as affiliate programs through third party offers or affiliate programs.
We are not affiliated with in any way the services or psychics that are advertised
on our website and website pages. If you have any issues such as customer service issues
you must contact the site or service that rendered those services.
We are for alll purposes are just an advertising venue such as search engines or any
other form of advertising and do not run a psychic service nor offer any psychic readings
ourselves other than in some specific cases email readings which are done
by third party psychics and others and are for entertainment purposes only and can not be help
 responsible for any of the predictions, answers, or other comments through those services.
We do however want to provide you with the best and most accurate information
 about such services possible but at the same time can not take any responsibilities for the accuracy of
 that information or any changes that may occur over time to those tips, explanations, definitions, changes to offers, or anything else related to copy or postings that may appear
on this site via our own posting or the postings of others such as in our blog, featured
 psychics or any other pages or entities found on our site or pages or that are connected via links banners
and other means of transferring you from this or any of our owned domains, sites, or products.

Updated 4/13/2013

This site and everything on this site are for entertainment purposes only.


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